SBLAW includes lawyers and legal consultants who are well aware of the tax system and are then most competent to advise our clients on tax regulations in Vietnam. Thanks to its long experience, our team is able to provide our clients with a wide range of services on tax law.

We advise both domestic and foreign companies as well as individuals on that matter to protect them against mistakes and to ensure them the most beneficial tax regime.

SB Lawyers are used to advise all our clients on all types of tax, be it personal or professional taxes. Should a legal dispute arise, we naturally represent and assist our clients before any competent authority and do our best to minimize the risks they face.

Regarding taxation, we focus on:

  • Tax planning for companies and investors
  • Advising individuals and companies on tax incentives
  • Avoiding double taxation and advising on cross-border taxation issues
  • Assisting clients in tax relating disputes

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