Intellectual property

Intellectual property is one of SBLAW’s most favourite specialities and an entire team of specialised lawyers and legal consultants is dedicated to this area. By the way, we are regularly rewarded for the professionalism and the efficiency of our intellectual property team by our clients obviously, but also by legal organisations as the Legal 500.

We offer a wide range of advice on intellectual property law and related activities. For our clients we take care of copyrights, any related right, industrial designs, layout designs, trademarks as well as trade secrets. We provide all our clients with comprehensive advice and assistance from the registration procedure, through the protection of the said intellectual property rights and to the lawsuit in case of their infringement. Our specialised team is well aware of every procedure to follow regarding this field and is used to deal with civil, administrative or criminal complaints.

Future clients, rest assured, we are most competent to protect your ideas, brands or inventions. Most of all, we will give our best to protect your reputation. Our first goal is indeed to minimise the consequences of potential infringements.

Regarding intellectual property, we focus on:

  • Advising on intellectual property
  • Protecting intellectual property rights and related rights (registration, licensing)
  • Reviewing any sub-license contracts and franchising
  • Taking care of infringements and representing clients in such cases (negotiation, mediation, state court, arbitration court)

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