SBLAW is one of the business law firms which have been recognized and highly appreciated by both international and local clients. With more than 30 lawyers and legal experts in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, SBLAW owns a large and strong team of local lawyers in Vietnam.
Our professional performance and services are equal to that of international firms in Vietnam, even surpass them in some areas. Clients found that SBLAW provides excellent and practical advice on local issues. SBLAW also offers a superlative service and is capable of meeting the expectations of clients.

The Vietnamese legal system differs from many others in that a big gap exists between the law and the practice. This requires lawyers in Vietnam to understand both the law and policies (written or un-written) of the Government of Vietnam. As locals, the lawyers of SBLAW are able to identify actual legal risks in Vietnam and to propose practical solutions to eliminate or minimize such risks.
With long experience and strong working relationship with various Government agencies and State-owned companies SBLAW lawyers have the ideal position to fully understand its working method and expectations so as to assist clients in dealing and negotiating most effectively with its officials. International businesses and lenders have highly appreciated SBLAW ‘s local expertise in moving projects smoothly despite various administrative burdens in Vietnam.
SBLAW has developed excellent relationships with Government agencies at both national and local levels. These special relationships form a valuable resource for SBLAW to draw upon when providing services to its clients.

SBLAW lawyers have the capability to provide extensive legal services in Vietnam, including representing clients before the counts and other government agencies, negotiating with Vietnamese authorities and local partners, assisting in structuring and negotiating transactions and disputes and performing due diligence.
SBLAW also provides administrative assistance in relation to investment in Vietnam, including legal and commercial translation, working with relevant governmental agencies and preparing routine applications to obtain licenses, registrations, notarization and approvals in all spheres including project development, financing, intellectual property and tax.
SBLAW is staffed with lawyers and associates who are capable of providing a multitude of legal services which cover every aspect of doing business in Vietnam. The following are our main areas of practice: Intellectual property, Litigation and Arbitration, Banking, Project Finance, Foreign Investment, Real Property Development and Construction, Industrial Property Rights and Technology Transfer, Infrastructure Projects, Trade and Distribution, Labor, Corporate, Commercial, Taxation, and International Trade.
Our lawyers are all familiar with the complex requirements of clients and are committed to the professional standards of our services. We also have the advantage of having a sound understanding of Vietnamese law and Vietnamese legal system. We are therefore able to:
• Represent clients before local authorities or counterparts;
• Assist clients in negotiations;
• Provide legal consultancy services in relation to all aspects of Vietnamese commercial laws;
• Render legal opinions pursuant to standards imposed by international financial institutions, and
• Prepare contracts and/or legal documents in accordance with international standards and/or Vietnamese standards.
We also provide supplemental services in relation to investment activities in Vietnam. These services include legal and commercial translation, administrative assistance in liaising with government authorities, obtaining business-related permits and approvals, etc.

SBLAW treat as confidential all confidential information obtained from the Client and without the written consent of the Client, divulge to others or use any documents, data, or other information of a confidential nature, except in connection with the performance of SBLAW’s services to be provided to the Disclosing Client, or as required by law. In all aspect of the practice, SBLAW Lawyers and Consultants maintain strict standards of confidentiality regarding information obtained during the course of SBLAW’s services. SBLAW will however be to mention the case in any publicity material.

As email correspondence cannot be guaranteed to be confidential and it can potentially be breached in transit by hackers, internet service providers, or others, S&B Law is not able to guarantee the confidentiality of email correspondence. S&B Law will however communicate with Client by email and internet if so authorized to do so.

SBLAW professional fees shall be based on the actual time our lawyers/consultants work on the services(s) for which we have been retained.
Our Lawyer and Consultations keep track their time in minutes to the nearest 10 minutes and record their time daily. Time record notations are made for any and all work performed, including but not limited to, office conferences, legal research, preparation of legal instruments, telephone and personal trips to and from the offices to relative places or client’s offices.
Where SBLAW offers an estimate for services based on hourly rates, such estimate may not adequately reflect the amount ultimately undertaken by SBLAW in order to deliver the services. In case the actual amount of work required by SBLAW exceed our initial estimate, SBLAW will advise of any possible excess such estimate.
SBLAW also provide services on a fixed basis for many projects. Any work or additional work which is not covered by the scope of work as agreed upon will be billed in accordance with our standard hourly rates.
Generally, our estimated professional fee is exclusive of the out of pocket expense occurred in connection with the services consumed by the Client, including but not limited to Governmental fees, Photocopying, International Telecommunications, travel, bank fees for receipt, deposit or transfer of funds, etc
Generally, SBLAW charges no fee for an initial consultation with the client. The initial consultation shall include a meeting not consuming over 30 working minutes of our Lawyer or Consultation or email or 15-minutes telephone communication to ascertain the facts that give rise to need of our services, analyzing the situation and determine what our lawyers/attorneys can do for Client. In the initial consultation, the client should not expect for answer of our lawyer/attorney to provide an answer to resolve his problem. Otherwise, the consultation shall be charged in according to our standard hourly rate.
SBLAW requires payment of all invoices within 15 days from their date. Interest of 10% per annum will be levied for any invoice 35 days overdue, calculated from the first invoice date. SBLAW reserves the right to suspend the provision of services in the event our payment terms are not met.

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