Real Estate & Construction

For domestic clients and especially for foreign clients, the implementation of a real estate project in Vietnam can be difficult to achieve without a suitable and specialised legal assistance. Indeed, a real estate project has to follow several steps to be successful, for example acquiring capital and all needed licences and authorisations as well as complying with Vietnamese regulations. A process that can be long and tough for laypersons. This is why SB Lawyers and legal consultants are here to help and assist its clients with its expertise in property development. We are most competent in sales, acquisitions, leases, subleases, etc. which allow us to assist our clients in every steps of their projects.

We are well-known for our ability to manage real estate projects and currently represent developers, private equity funds as well as investors in this area. Besides our traditional role of legal advisor, we naturally take care of all contracts needed by our clients, like property-related documents, debentures, mortgages, leases, etc. We are also entrusted by our clients with the management of their properties. In each step of the process, we follow due diligence investigations which enable us to identify, quantify and avoid the potential risks linked to real estate transactions.

Regarding real estate and construction, we focus on:

  • Due diligence investigations on transactions
  • Acquiring any needed authorisation
  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts (construction contracts, funding agreements, land use and property leases, etc.)
  • Licensing and transferring real estate
  • Managing property

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