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aboutSBLAW offers a wide variety of legal services and has a long experience in advising both individuals and companies. Our services cover every needs of an individual, so as every steps of a company’s life from its birth to its end. We are committed to adapt to every client to deliver the most personalized legal help.

We are mostly competent in the following areas:
• Corporate law
• Foreign Investment law
• Contract law
• Tax law
• Compliance and Corporate Governance
• Dispute Resolution
• Legal Translation

SBLAW is used to handle diverse cases for its clients. SBLAW includes lawyers and collaborators of great value who have experience in managing various business industries, for instance, trade, manufacturing, distribution, retail, logistics, shipping, banking, finance, securities, capital markets or also regarding copyrights and patent protection.

Thanks to its professional and experienced team, SBLAW is most competent to advice individual clients and all types of companies, including domestic companies as well as foreign invested companies in Vietnam. Our legal consultants take to heart the issues our clients have to face and do their best to help them. They are committed to assisting and guiding them in order to protect them from any legal violation.

Our Principles

  1. Possessing a strong will

  2. Developing a positive mindset

  3. Assertiveness in action

  4. Handling work thoroughly

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