Investment projects

SBLAW is one the most recommended law firms in Vietnam regarding domestic and foreign investments. Our investment department is indeed composed of highly qualified and experienced lawyers and legal consultants who are used to assist both Vietnamese and foreign clients.

We have represented and are currently representing a lot of foreign clients involved in very different business activities such as banking and finance, real estate, construction and infrastructure, information technology or even trade related activities.

We assist our clients at every step of the procedure from getting the investment certificate to the actual implementation of the project in Vietnam. Thanks to our cross-disciplinary knowledge, especially in finance, corporate and tax law, we are most competent in helping our clients to structure and finance their projects and then to acquire, implement and manage them durably.

Regarding investment projects, we focus on:

  • Analysing the market and determining the feasibility of the investment project
  • Preparing and submitting the foreign investment project (authorisation for restricted areas, investment certificate, enterprise registration certificate, implementation etc.)
  • Taking care of legal issues arising afterwards

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