Legal translation

SBLAW is currently only composed of Vietnamese lawyers and legal consultants, it is true. However, each and every one of our counsellors have studied English during their studies. Plus, they are practicing it almost every day at work as we have a lot of foreign clients and often welcome foreign interns. They are then all most competent in English and totally able to translate important documents for you.

We are well aware of the importance of legal translations, be it for foreign clients involved in businesses and/or disputes in Vietnam or for Vietnamese clients involved in businesses and/or disputes abroad. This is why we do our best to deliver our clients the most understandable, precise and perfect translation, leaving no room for ambiguity.

Our SB Lawyers and collaborators were many time entrusted with the legal translation of numerous documents such as contracts, charters, intellectual property rights related documents and of course documents concerning both domestic and international disputes.

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