Corporate governance

Corporate governance is the principle according to which a company is ruled with integrity, fairness and transparency by its directors. The company has indeed a transparency obligation concerning all transactions (internal transactions as well as external transactions) and is required to set up disclosure methods in order to comply with the law. The integrity and fairness obligations induce that the business has to be run in an ethical manner. Respecting these principles will guaranty the company against any trouble and attract potential investors, it is then essential. It is also essential to take that principle into account to be sure that corporate funds and personal assets are duly separated.

SBLAW itself is conducted by the principle of corporate governance and is consequently very much aware of its importance. We guarantee our clients full and understanding advice on that matter in order to ensure them the elimination of all potential risks that could be leading to their civil or criminal liability. We protect our clients the best we can with all professionalism required.

Corporate & Compliances

We are frequently recognized by our clients and by the legal world for our professionalism and our ability to give proper advice on legal and political challenges regarding corporate governance. We establish compliance programs for our clients or review the pre-existing programs for both foreign-invested and domestic companies in order to comply with all legal standards. In this way, we can focus on minimizing (not to say on eliminating) every potential risk and threat to our clients and to their businesses.

As always, SB Law provides with personalized advice in order to adapt to each client and business, but also to the expectations and culture of our clients in order to push corporate governance to its maximum.

For the establishment (or review) of the compliance program, we mostly focus on:

  • Corporate governance matters (development of guidelines and policies, self-evaluation systems)
  • Business organisation and restructuration
  • Antitrust compliance
  • Compliance with legal requirements (current law and forthcoming reforms)
  • Compliance with ethical requirements

Business structure & Management

In order to ensure its clients the better effectiveness, SB Law is confident that close relationships have to exist between business structure and management. Both are the key to the success and deserve to be thought carefully and cleverly. SB Law provides its clients with effective solutions regarding their combination, as a good business structure makes the management of a company easier.

To ensure their right combination, we focus on:

  • Evaluating the pre-existing structure and management strategy (to define its strengths and weaknesses)
  • Thinking over new structure and management strategies (possible forms of re-organisation, procedures to follow, changes to make, etc.) Ensuring the better and most effective management to our clients is deeply important for us. At SB Law, we believe indeed that success is only guaranteed if a business team is duly organized and properly guided. With SB Lawyers providing them with personalized legal advice and guidance on management, our clients are then able to concentrate on their business only.

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