Banking & Finance

SBLAW is known to be a reliable partner regarding the banking and finance sector. Indeed, we advised numerous commercial banks and financial companies in Vietnam and we continue to do so. SB Lawyers and legal consultants have proved themselves able to success in securing transactions and avoiding financial risks.

We provide our clients with comprehensive advice ranging from the identification of potential risks in case of credit transactions, through the development of banking procedures, to the drafting of loan and mortgage contracts for instance. Our large know-how on Vietnamese political and legal practices as well as the cautious way we always take concerning the risks assessment played and still play a key role in our clients’ successes.

We perfectly know to adapt to our clients to provide them with specialised and personalised solutions in order to guarantee the most beneficial and lucrative issue for them. In that sense, we negotiate for our clients when they need us to do so, but we also modify and take care of the enforcement of financial arrangements. Should a dispute arise, our team gives its best to resolve it in the most efficient and in the least costly way.

Regarding banking and finance, we focus on:

  • Advising on legal risks, regulatory compliance and procedures
  • Advising on management and project financing
  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts (loan, mortgage, etc.)
  • Collecting debts
  • Resolving legal disputes on banking and finance

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