Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution is a key service for SB Law. We are very much aware of the fact that when a dispute arises, it has to be resolved quickly, efficiently and definitively to put an end to our client’s troubles. In dispute resolution more than ever, we provide legal advice that are personalized to each client and adapted to each dispute.
SB Law has then developed a great experience in litigation and arbitration as well as in mediation to be able to provide clients with the better and faster solutions.


Mediation is – as much as possible – the first path SB Lawyers take, as we aim at saving our clients both time and money. Indeed, a lawsuit is often quite expensive and takes time, but fighting in court can also be exhausting for clients. Mediation is here to avoid as soon as possible all these inconveniences and we are here to assist you and to counsel you in order to ensure you the better deal.
All our SB Lawyers are well prepared to negotiate on your behalf and to provide you with the most adapted negotiating strategy, which one will be based on our long experience, discussed with you and amended on your request.


Sometimes negotiation fails or is simply impossible between the parties. In such cases, SB Law provides a full service regarding litigation, be it before Vietnamese courts or abroad. SB Law is indeed composed of Vietnamese lawyers, who are more than competent in international law and who enjoyed an experience abroad.
Thanks to our experience in litigation, we exactly know how to prepare a lawsuit before a court and we are organized and methodical. We follow a very strict procedure to build very strong cases for our clients. We review the documents, make researches, collect evidence, prepare all needed documents, respect deadlines and, if need be, make all translations for the court.


Sometimes and mostly regarding commercial disputes, state courts are excluded and an arbitration court has jurisdiction. In such cases, SB Law also provides a full service of legal advice. We enjoy a long experience in arbitration, as SB Law includes professionals specialized in commercial law and arbitration.

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