Project to establish a foreign-invested college must have at least vnd 100 million

On May 15, 2015, the Government issued the Decree No. 48/2015/ND-CP detailing a number of articles of the Law on Vocational Education. One of the most significant contents is content on conditions for investment licensing for a foreign-invested vocational education institution. Specifically, an investment project to establish a foreign-invested vocational intermediate school or college or […]

Derivative brokerage must have an equity capital of at least eight hundred (800) billion vnd

On May 05, 2015, the Government issued the Decree No. 42/2015/ND-CP on derivatives and the derivatives market. Under this Decree, The derivative business of an securities business institution must have a certificate of eligibility for derivative business granted by the State Securities Commission. Specifically, for derivative dealing: being a securities company having a charter capital […] is the website project developed by S&B Law, with modern, friendly and luxurious interface in English and Vietnamese. Besides providing latest news on Intellectual property (IP), website also provides information on trademark, patent, industrial design and copyright not only in Vietnam but also all over the world. Website also instructs the users to register […] is the project developed by the lawyers of S&B Law, in which we gather all information on investment law, business law and IP law. When visiting this website, the users will find the useful instructions on governmental policies on investment and business in Vietnam, updated legal documents on these areas. Additionally, website also introduces […] is the website which was born at the beginning days of S&B Law. Awaring of the importance of protecting and developing brand of the enterprises in globalised era, S&B Law has invested in intelligence, human resource and technology to build up a website with various content and friendly interfaces. This is the helpful channel […]

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